HDPilates matclasses with Helen Douglas are held in Brighton and Hove and are recommended for those who have no serious injuries or pain, and enjoy the social interaction of a class!  Classes are organised into different levels  from Beginners to Advanced, ensuring there is the right level of class for you. 


Matclasses are open to a maximum of 12 participants ensuring there is time for plenty of individual attention in a group setting with a strong focus on technique and quality of movement. 

Classes run in 6 week blocks at £60-£66 depending on location/class size.  Please refer to my timetable for class times.  

Please let me know if you are unsure on which level class you are and I can advise.  If you are new to Pilates it is recommended that you start with a 121 session first in order to learn the basic principles of Pilates.

Please contact me on 079 7004 7799 or for any questions and to reserve your place.